Custom Framing

Fine Art and family heirlooms deserve fine framing.

I have been crafting custom frames in Georgia for more than 3 decades and would love for my next project to be building the perfect frame for you.

custom art framing in Georgia

Find the Perfect Frame

Give me a call to schedule a time to come by my shop and we’ll discuss your style and look at the hundreds of frame styles and colors I have to choose from. You can even bring your painting or photograph to see how different options would look with it.


Precision Built to Your Art

I’ve been a master carpenter for 20 years and custom frames are my bread and butter work at my studio outside of Helen, Georgia.

Once you’ve selected the frame material, I custom cut and fit the material to your print or painting. 

custom built frames
Artist David Horton

My Process

Give me a call to plan a time to visit my shop (5 miles outside of Helen, GA) to look at frame options and discuss your style and budget.

1. Visit My Shop

I can send photographs of my frame options but if you're nearby, the best way to pick a frame is to see it in person - even better if you can bring your picture or painting and look at frame samples next to it.

2. Estimate & Timeline

I have hundreds of corner-samples but I special order the wood for each job. During your visit, we can discuss pricing and availability (Covid-19 has impacted some of my suppliers) and find a frame that meets your budget and timeline.

3. Frame & Deliver

My precision-built frames require that you leave the art at my shop while I custom-cut and fit each board and glass pane to achieve the perfect fit.

When the framing is complete we can schedule a time for me to hand-deliver it or arrange for you to pick it up at my shop. I do not trust commercial delivery services with art that I've framed as broken glass from mishandling can easily destroy your art.

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Let's Talk About Framing Your Art

I'm a mountain artist, not a salesman. I don't try to sell you on anything. If you'd like to talk about what you want framed, when you can visit, and when we can have it ready, that's what I'm here for. Give me a call.

custom built frames
Stonepile Rd. Vineyard

Custom Frames

By David Horton

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